Cotton Cables (Microphone)

Cotton Cables (Microphone)

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Classic Cables for Making Classic Records

This is our original cloth-covered, star-quad cable. Braided on looms from the 1950s and assembled in Chicago, it's a professional-grade cable suited for studios and stages of all sizes. You'll be surprised about how nice the jacket feels to the touch. It adds thoughtfulness to any tracking room, and it even makes the cable easier to coil.

The wire inside is star-quad (four-conductor), so it rejects up to 10x more EM and RF interference than typical twisted-pair cables. Gold-plated contacts slow down the rate of oxidization by a tiny bit so that they last a tiny bit longer. It's science.

Our jackets are 100% American cotton, braided by Conway Electric in California. They use a mid-century circular loom combined with custom, 3D-printed parts to make these braids.

Switchcraft connectors ensure the cable connects to other equipment with a satisfying "click." There's nothing worse than a cable that doesn't fit snugly. We spare you that psychic pain.

Every solder point is reinforced with heat-shrink, so the contacts are sure to stay intact and reliable.

With six colorways you can color-code your studio by cable length, channel type, or match the wallpaper. Three standard lengths are perfect for desktop use, live tracking rooms, or medium-length cable runs.

If you care about your mics, your instruments, and your studio, here's a cable to match them.


  • Signature jacket design patented by Conway Electric
  • 100% American cotton
  • Noise-rejecting star-quad cable
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Backed by our Hippie Warranty
  • Easy to coil
  • Made in USA with family-owned partners
  • Tech Specs ↗


"Beautifully done. Generous and professional." — S.

"I love these cables so much I can't tell you how excited I am! They feel amazing, they look amazing, and they are just really super fucking classy." — J.

"I got the cables, and had a video shoot in my studio that same afternoon, so they've already spruced up a shoot, no less my sound." — R.

"I have a small 600 sq ft open space studio with no patch bay. These would be perfect for following the signal chain from the mics to my racks and converters." — K.

"I now wish all the cables I own had the look and feel of Fjord. I want to wrap myself in them." — Dan Cederholm